RCI/II Timeshare Credit Exchange

Here is some interesting information about Worldmark, RCI and II. Worldmark contracts, with RCI as their exchange company, allow their owners a simple place to exchange their Worldmark credits for a week at a Worldmark Timeshare Resort. This is actually a great deal! But, before Trendwest sold to Wyndham, they were very anxious to complete their contract with RCI and sign a contract with II. (Interval International, II does exactly the same thing that RCI does and reportedly was a split off from RCI. Why did Worldmark want to make the switch? They said that RCI had 7,600 resorts from which to choose, but for many of them, no one would really appreciate staying in them. II had just 2,900 resorts but they were considered to be among the best in the world. At one time, RCI and II were the only choices for making an exchange. Today there are several exchange companies worth exploring. You can find these companies with a simple internet search. Why did Worldmark return to RCI? Because the umbrella company that owns Wyndham also owns RCI! Lots of current Worldmark timeshare owners have called me after sitting down to listen to a Worldmark update/sales pitch. They have been told that without Travel Share they cannot use RCI! Not true. I always tell them that I am sure II will be happy to help them if they ever got turned down by RCI. RCI Points® Assistance: 1 (317) 805-9941.

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Worldmark Timeshare Maintenance Fees – Still Low After All These Years!

A few Worldmark Timeshare owners have called to ask what I felt about the future of Worldmark. They have been concerned with new corporate owners, changing bylaws, and more. Here are a few thoughts and answers that I can offer. The first one has to do with Owner Advocacy. Have you been to This is an uncensored website with 300,000 posts with 15,000 to 20,000 subscribers behind it. The folks who started the site, and others, have been very serious about protecting the future of Worldmark. I do not believe any other Timeshare group or Club has anything in place that would come close in comparison. This is a big, big plus for the future of Worldmark. Second, the maintenance fees at Worldmark are still today one of the lowest in the industry making the owners travel investment pencil out in the black, year after year. Other timeshare companies have high enough maintenance fees that they have lost their vacation value, except for those who have the best weeks at the resort. In a nutshell, here is the big problem with runaway maintenance fees. If you own a fixed week, but no longer want to return to the same resort and perhaps to the same room, then you need to use an exchange company to try to trade your week for another one someplace else. If your dues, when combined with the yearly membership fee of the exchange company and the exchange fee, equal the price of renting in the open market, then why own your Timeshare? These are the timeshares that are stacking up on eBay and other sites, that owners are so desperate to sell. These timeshares have NO value. The timeshare [...]

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