Financing Options to Buy Ownership in Worldmark® by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®) Timeshares

There are a number of ways for you to finance your purchase of a Worldmark® by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®) timeshare ownership. It is the recommendation of Michael Dosh at Best TimeShare that you NEVER FINANCE your vacation unless it is short term and you the know the money will be available soon.

  • Cash is always accepted for your timeshare purchase made payable to Best Timeshare. You can make payment either in the form of a personal check or a cashiers check.
  • Credit Card.  Worldmark accepts all major Credit Cards. You can only use a Credit Card with Worldmark if the Membership you are buying still has a payoff with Worldmark.


  • Home Equity Loan. You may also want to consider a home equity loan. The rates are generally competitive and attractive. It is a simple process and your payments are considered income tax deductible.
  • Take over timeshare payments. You can also take over the timeshare payments from a current Worldmark by Wyndham owner. In some cases, you would be able to assume the current loan from Worldmark®. We will assist you with each available timeshare ownership in order to secure the right property for you.