Worldmark Timeshare Credit Prices: Too Good to Be True?

Recently a current Worldmark timeshare owner called to ask questions about my Best Timeshare web site and our business. He asked, "What you’re listing seems too good to be true!" I get that, if you have been convinced that paying the developer over $2.00 per credit is reasonable. Our average credit sells for .30 to .40 cents, so there really is a massive price difference. So, why the big price discrepancy with timeshare credits? Before I answer that, let me make a few statements about Best Timeshare. We have been in business over 16 years, completing nearly 3,000 Worldmark account transfers without a single complaint to the BBB or directly to us, that wasn’t easily resolved. So, though what we are selling might seem too good to be true at first, realize that it must be true for us to 1) remain in business, and 2) for our business to remain in such great standing! Actually, once a Worldmark Owner looks at what a company like offers, they realize that what Best Timeshare has been doing for 16 years is not only understandable but quite reasonable. So why the price discrepancy between the developer and a resale broker? Here you go: Like Econ 101, it comes down to simple supply and demand. Resale brokers try to sell accounts as high as possible both for the seller of Wordmark and the industry as a whole. Why would we want to see the price continue to decline? Even so, supply and demand is the driving force and price settles where there is some form of equilibrium between supply and demand. As an example, it doesn’t do me any good to lower my prices and sell everything [...]