It is the opinion of Best Timeshare, without question, that the best way to spend a Worldmark Point is using it to book a vacation at a Worldmark Resort.  One of the selling points of Travel Share is being able to use points to book a cruise, etc.

Think about this for a moment.  Anytime you add another party to the mix, they are making money, somehow.  In this case, the money is coming from the Worldmark owner.   When you board a plane you could be sitting next to someone going the same place but they spent ½ as much as you did for their ticket.  Maybe they bought their ticket early and you purchased yours late.

When you use your Worldmark Points for anything besides booking a vacation at one of your resorts you are like the person who purchased their plane ticket late and you’re the one spending the most and getting the worst deal.

Granted, if your points/credits are about to expire and you want to take a cruise…then why not use them anyway you can.