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Worldmark by Wyndham Inventory


Updated October 11, 2017

10,000 One Time Use Credits.  $700.00  You must be a Worldmark Owner to purchase. (Expiration date of credits is 1/31/2019)

7,000 Annual Credits, 11,200 unused/banked, August Anniversary.  (7,000 available to borrow.)  $2,800.00 Ref # 17532

 12,000 Annual Credits, 24,000 unused/banked, February Anniversary.  (12,000 available to borrow.)  $4,800.00 Ref # 17500

20,000 Annual Credits,18,000 unused/banked, September Anniversary.  (20,000 available to borrow.)  $6,000.00 Ref # 17194

 Please call/text 509.670.8622 or email mike@besttimeshare.net

*There is a $299.00 Worldmark Transfer Fee.


All Worldmark by Wyndham “Timeshare for Sale” Inventory listed by Best Timeshare has been verified with the Worldmark Transfers Department. Every Worldmark timeshare account we list will be current with all membership dues and monthly payments, although 99% of the accounts we list are paid in full.

Our Worldmark by Wyndham Timeshare Inventory tells you the Annual Credits of each account we are selling, followed by the Bank (unused) credits. Every Worldmark account can borrow the annual amount 1 year in advance, but we list this number also so you will know that the account you are buying has not been borrowed against. We also list the anniversary month so you know what month this account gets its annual credits.
The purchase price of our Inventory is the price listed plus a $299.00 Worldmark Transfer Fee. You will find that our prices are very competitive and in most cases less than all of our direct competition.

The Re-Sale market is full of hype and deception. Why not buy from someone who is straight forward and honest. We have been in business 17 years, always listed with the BBB, without a single complaint. Search for us on www.wmowners.com.