It can be difficult to get the reservation you want if you wait too long to book and if it is in the Red Season. You can book up to 13 months out, starting at 6:00 am daily. The key is to know that the “Wait List” works very well because over 40% of all Reservations get cancelled. It is free to book and cancel reservations so many others with large accounts book as many vacations as they can think possible, with the intention of cancelling when they are sure. In most cases you do not lose any credits if you cancel 1 month before the first day of the reservation.

Please visit Why Buy for more details on why buying Timeshare Ownership through Worldmark by Wyndham  is advantageous to your lifestyle and budget.

Yes.  Wyndham  has a full-service Travel Agency and offers many valuable discounts to Worldmark Timeshare Owners!

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When you purchase a Worldmark® Ownership contract from a previous owner, there are often unused credits leftover (banked). You inherit all unused credits and reservations. The term “Available” means every credit available to this account which includes borrowing the annual credits from next year.

RCI is the agency Worldmark® is currently utilizing to offer their owners the ability to trade a week of credits for a week of vacation at any timeshare listed in the RCI Catalog. RCI also offers Worldmark timeshare owners flex-change which consists of a 59 day booking window and allows you access to any size resort in any season for just 4000 credits! Owners also enjoy using II (Interval International) and Trading Places.

Bonus time is a great way for Worldmark timeshare owners to buy more vacation time without having to use ownership credits. Currently the price for bonus time is 6.0 cents per credit, with a minimum of $50.00 USD for each night reserved. (The price could be increased by Worldmark Board of Directors.) Bonus Time cannot be used for the resorts in Australia or Fiji. You can use Bonus Time 1-4 days per week, 52 weeks per year. You are allowed one weekend per quarter. Bonus is easiest to book Monday thru Thursday, especially in the White and Blue season.

Yes.  You can obtain more specific information from Worldmark Owner Services @ 1-800-691-7289.  The by-laws restrict this to no more than 5% per year.  There have been no special assessments in the history of Worldmark. We can provide exact costs associated with the level of credits you purchase, for the current year.

Yes.  You can actually buy an additional Ownership contract and combine the two, thus paying only one maintenance fee which will be less than two single fees. Secondly, you can purchase credits in blocks of 1000 from Wyndham ® through their upgrade department, although they will charge over $2.00 per credit. Call Best Timeshare for details: 509.670.8622

Best Timeshare does not recommend you ever Finance your vacation.

Currently Wyndham is taking approx. 2 months from start to finish to complete a Worldmark transfer from one owner to the another. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control, but we always do our part of the process as fast as possible.

No.  Wyndham ® is a professional company with friendly service. Wyndham ® is owned by Wyndham Worldwide, the largest vacation ownership interest in the world. Moreover, the transfer agent at Worldmark that represents your interests in the resale or sale of your timeshare ownership will not complete the transfer unless everything is in order ensuring the security of both the seller and buyer. They’re great to work with!

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Yes/No. We only resell Premier Ownership contracts that include Bonus Time, Perpetual Ownership, and all New Worldmark Resorts that will be added in the future. In November of 06′ Wyndham added Travel Share. If you look at each component of TS, we feel that the only value is in “Fun Time” which changes the Bonus Time from 14 days to 21 days. But, you pay 6 cents per credit per night instead of 5 cents. At that point we feel you can rent credits from other owners at 7 cents per credit and book them out 13 months, not just 21 days. There is nothing in TS that could possibly offset the difference in price. (our opinion)