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For a variety of reasons, those owning a Worldmark® by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®) timeshare may find that life and circumstances have changed. If you would like to sell your Worldmark® by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest®) The Club® Credits, Best Timeshare.Net, in conjunction with Worldmark by Wyndham, makes it seamless and easy for you.

Best Timeshare can either purchase your Worldmark Timeshare or list it for you. This means we will either quote the timeshare price for an immediate sale or we will guarantee a specific dollar amount. The choice is yours!

We offer the highest return on your Worldmark Membership, so give us a try!

After we receive your inquiry, we will email you a timeshare purchase quote or the guaranteed amount upon sale. Don’t worry, the transfer process is simple. We will Priority Mail or Fed Ex you the required documents to begin the Worldmark timeshare resale process.

Please note:  we take pains to efficiently utilize the Internet, including specialty advertising and Networking with other brokers so that we can find you the best price, in the shortest time possible.

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Warning: Never pay anyone to list your Timeshare for you, for any reason!   It is our professional opinion that it would be both expensive and ineffective.  There is one popular site with over 5,000 Worldmark Listings, with one sale in the last 90 days.  Each Worldmark Owner paid $1,000.00 to list.  We specialize in Worldmark so your listing won’t get lost among thousands of other listings.